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The Maryland Big Tree Program (MBTP) is an effort to measure and catalog the largest trees of each species within the state of Maryland.  It is modeled after the National Register of Big Trees Program, which is administered by American Forests. 

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 Big Tree Champions of Maryland



The MBTP is managed by the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards.  Currently, Mr. John Bennett of the Cecil County Forestry Board is the manager.  The list of Maryland’s champion trees is constantly being updated, but a recent copy may be found here.  An updated version of the MD Big Tree listings is being developed at



Individual trees which may qualify for registration may be nominated by any interested individual, but the requirement for inclusion is that the tree must measure at least 70% of the total score of the Maryland champion of the species.  A trunk circumference measurement (at 4.5’ from the ground) must be at least 70% of the circumference of the specie’s state champion in order for an official complete measurement activity can be performed by either the county forestry board personnel (from the county where the tree is located) or by qualified individuals as designated by the state program.  A nomination form for the MBTP can be copied here, and the completed hardcopy sent to: Maryland Big Tree Program, P. O. Box 328, North East, MD 21901.  The nomination form may also be requested in electronic format (Microsoft Word) from  A permission form required for MBTP volunteers to measure the tree can be copied from here; please send the permission form with the nomination.


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